Window Tint


Besides aesthetically improving your ride, tint helps to block 99% of harmful UV rays and heat-producing infrared rays, increasing driving comfort and longevity of your interior. Window tint will also reduce glare from sunlight and deter theft. When you're ready to install, Seven wraps' experts use the latest software to precision cut film so that the fit is always perfect. We exclusively use superior SunTek Automotive Window Films available in a variety of styles and tint levels.

Tint prices for small to regular sized cars start at $280 for our base SunTek High Performance package. We also carry SunTek Carbon XP and SunTek Ceramic films.

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Paint Protection

Paint Protection


Nothing devalues or ages the look of your car more than worn or chipped paint. Repainting is costly and can compromise the original paint finish. PremiumShield Next Gen paint protection coats your car in a protective, self-healing film that deflects small rocks, sand blasting, scratches, bugs, tree sap and other evils. The newest films offer exceptional clarity with self healing properties. Protect your investment today.

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Gone are the days when your choice of finishes were gloss or metallic in a handful of colors. With Seven Wraps your options now extend to metallic, super flaky, gloss, matte, matte metallic, satin, satin metallic, iridescent, color flip, color flow, and just about everyting in between. You also aren't limited to single solid colors. Go two-tone, or completely wild with a printed wrap. One of our skilled designers will work closely with you to achieve your ultimate vision. (Color change prices can vary anywhere between $3,900 and $10,000+ depending on the car and the film. Chrome finishes are the most expensive. Basic matte, satin and gloss are the most affordable.)

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Paint Protection



Seven Wraps will paint wheels, color match calipers, can add racing stripes, accent pieces, color change door handles, perform full chrome deletes, get rid of that blingy window trim - just about anything is possible. We also tint head-lights, tailights and windshields. Fine tuning details such as these will immediately set you apart from the crowd. Not sure where to start? Call us up and we will suggest tasteful modifications for your ride.

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Commercial Wraps

The best advertising you can buy

Research has proven that wrapping your vehicle is one of the most effective ways to spend your advertising budget. Have a company vehicle or a fleet car? You're missing an amazing opportunity to use it as a marketing device if it's not wrapped in your brand. It's a moving billboard! Our in-house designers can even help you put together your ad on wheels. Don't worry if you don't have a logo or branding. We can help with that too. Just sit back and wait for the calls to roll in.

(Commercial car wraps are quoted on a per project basis, but average costs are about $15/sq ft for print, lamination and install, not including design time.)

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Paint Protection



Our services extended beyond automotive applications. Seven Wraps can apply heat and UV reducing films to your buildings, effectively reducing your cooling and heating bills. Window tint will also increase privacy and has been proven to reduce theft signifcantly. We also carry and install SunTek architectural finishes that help designers complete mood or atmosphere with a wide array of options. Choose from faux wood, chrome, concrete and textured materials.

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About us

Seven Wraps is a small, privately-owned, automotive restyling shop that excels in the fine art of tinting, paint protection and wrapping vehicles. Most of our skilled staff each have over a decade of experience in each of their respective fields. We constantly strive to keep ahead of the latest technology and techniques out there.

We are extremely meticulous about being detailed, clean, thorough and imaginative. We are car nuts too, and believe in caressing and pampering your baby.

We have a full on site print shop and design team at the ready waiting to help you dream up your wildest fantasies, and our casual, friendly atmosphere keeps customers coming back for more.
Over the last few years, we have consistenly produced superior service, and so garnered a reputation in the industry, attracting mostly luxury marquees, but we don't discriminate. We welcome any project.

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  • Professional, knowledgeable, and super nice staff at Seven Wraps. They did the most amazing job on my car and offered suggestions throughout the process that made the car look even more incredible. Cannot say enough great things about this place! Thank you Seven Wraps!!

    L Dominick O'Donnell

  • These guys took my 2007 white Acura RDX, which had some minor scrapes, dings and dents, and returned what looked like a brand new car. They wrapped the car with a dark gray vinyl and added some tint to the windows. Multiple people thought I bought a new car. It's really unbelievable what these guys are doing over there. Total Pros. Highly recommended.

    Andrew Fingeret

  • Relieved we discovered Seven Wraps to do our company wrap. They created the artwork! (And it was beyond and better then anything we could have imagined!) They stayed in communication. They changed, adjusted, expanded, altered it with no complaint until it was exactly what we needed. They explained everything. They installed our wrap at cheetah speed being courteous to time that without a company van business was down. How amazing and thoughtful is that?! They installed it with perfection! From start to finish from concept to completion everyone at Seven Wraps was great to deal with. We will be back!!!

    Tara Conner-Hallston

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